About Us

Our goal is to innovate constantly. That is why we are so concerned with the composition of the raw materials, we have decided to develop our own glaze, baked in a 100% renewable energy oven.

Hello. We are Gabi Neves and Alex Hell. We are Studioneves. A marriage of Brazilian design and German rigor –  “uma casa Portuguesa, com certeza”! And when we refer to marriage, it is not a figure of speech. We have in fact been married for over ten years, meaning there is a lot of love involved in the production of every dish, bowl, mug, glass, and tray. Gabi models the pieces and Alex makes the glaze. Translated for the gourmands like us: one makes the pasta, the other makes the sauce.

But you must be asking yourself: isn’t it complicated to live and work together? Come on! The difficult part is dealing with our level of demand when it comes to our ceramics. The marriage we take care of in our free time…
Returning to ceramics, our passion for this art arose from our love of gastronomy. We have always enjoyed cooking and gathering our friends to taste new dishes around the kitchen table. All of this led to the beginning of Studioneves. A society created and managed equally by a woman and a man.

Our goal is to innovate constantly. And we cannot be irresponsible, as people eat and drink out of our ceramics. That is why we are so concerned with the composition of the raw materials, so that they are not hazardous to your health. For that reason, we have decided to develop our own glaze.

In addition to being made with rainwater, some of our pieces are baked in a 100% renewable energy oven, thus generating exclusive and environmentally responsible pieces.

The studioneves ceramics, besides being beautiful, are resistant and long lasting ... I really miss having you guys close!

Helena RizzoRestaurante Mani - São Paulo – Brasil

It is a privilege to have Studioneves' dishes in our restaurant.

Jordi RocaEl Celler de Can Roca - Girona – Catalunha

I could say a thousand wonderful things about the BEAUTIFUL, DURABLE and EXCLUSIVE dishes that Alex and Gabi make for me. But I'll sum it up: Studioneves is f***g awesome.

André MifanoChef e apresentador

Having Studioneves ceramics in my restaurant was a big dream. A dream that came true thanks to the kindness of these two great artists, Alex and Gabi. Their work also helped us to get the Michelin Star.

Edson YamashitaRestaurante Ryo - 
São Paulo – Brasil

The success of Studioneves is the purest demonstration of strength and dedication. They have talent, courage, love and most importantly, they are always believing.

Manu BufarraRestaurante Manu
 - Curitiba - Brasil

Studioneves is the best! That's why I have their work in my restaurant. After all, nobody bets on a bad horse, hahaha!

Alex AtalaD.O.M. - São Paulo - Brasil

Studioneves gives us a platform to show what we do. Without them, there is no us!

Alberto LandgrafRestaurante Oteque - Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Gabi and Alex pay a lot of attention to design, the type of clay, colour, durability and everything we look for. A partnership that quickly turned into friendship, respect, and real connection.

João RodriguesRestaurante Feitoria - 
Lisboa – Portugal

Gabi and Alex from Studioneves do a beautiful job, with a lot of research and study.

Viviane GonçalvesChef Vivi - São Paulo – Brasil

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